Aqua Gym

The motor movements associated with water and the resistance that the water exercises to the movement make possible the calories burning. There are two fundamental objectives: cardiovascular exercise and muscle efficiency. It is more intense that the sweet gymnastics, for dynamic and trained people. The instructor will be more demanding and will propose a fitness program of tonification lessons alternated with aerobic lessons focusing on different groups of muscles.

Hydro Bike

The bike is ridden in the water exploiting the benefits of the bike and integrating this with exercises for the upper parts. A very intensive and motivating work.

Aqua Circuit

An activity that follows the tendency of water fitness, it is a lesson proposed in a circuit way. The circuit predicts in every stop work for the arms/shoulders, legs, hips and abdominals. A different, dynamic and never boring activity for who practices it.

Aqua Combat

This activity is made for those who love the water fitness. It develops sequences of breathless strokes, blowing every aggressive instinct. Each of the lessons will progressively lead you to train strength, resistance and water speed. So what are you doing? FIGHT……

Tonic Gym

The most demanding version of aqua gym, very appropriate for experienced people in the water fitness. The 45-minutes lessons will require high physical commitment with benefits in every point of view.

Bike & Gym

If you like the bike the lesson you are looking for is exactly the Bike & Gym; 20 minutes on the water bike and 20 minutes of aqua gym within the same lesson.

The Thermal Bath

It is an element that characterizes the wellness centers and transforms the thermal area in a moment of relaxation and care for your body. The thermal water is differentiated based on the services, but what makes a thermal center different from the others, is the water that comes and is used for the thermal treatments. The characteristic the thermal water has, is that it is used by: the arthropathics who want to cure the osteoarticular system, people who want to relax the body from the daily stress, and also people who approach for rehabilitating reasons.