Fitness Area

The Fitness Zone is divided into several parts: cardio area, force area , stretching area and fitness in group . In our center we work according the Technogym method. Each equipment in this area is the latest technology by Technogym . Our fitness Client Goal-Oriented method starts by completion of the fitness tests in different areas. Tests made in this area are Cardio Test and Strength Test. Based on these tests the program according to client objectives is built.

The personalized program is uploaded on the TGS key which is something new for our client because it not only monitors but it also keeps in the program the calorie consumption , the tests performed makes and whether the session is fully completed or not.

The program lasts about 3-4 weeks then the retesting is done where the client sees the results of last month and compares them to the new data.

Part of the area Fitness programs are the group activities which are divided into three classifications : Toning , Choreographic and Stretching.

Fitness Tests

The Cardio Test

The Cardio test consists of measuring VO2 max which is the maximum volume of O2 that the body consumes during the execution of performance.
Why should this test be done? By calculating VO2 max we measure FC max (Maximum Cardiac Frequency) and through these parameters it is possible to implement a training program as appropriate and effective for each client.

The Test of Strength

This test consists in measuring the maximum force, which is calculated by a formula. The test is done in the 3 big muscle groups in muscular system of the human body. These are the breasts, back and legs. After we perform the force test the system automatically calculates the other muscles that we have not tested. This is done thanks to the scientific incentives that Technogym has developed and continues to develop in a laboratory set up deliberately for these things.

Why should this test be done? It is very important to do a strength program because according to customer preferences the weights are calculated for each device in which the customer will exercise. This is made possible through My Wellness computer system by Technogym.

Body Analyzer

Body Analyzer serves to measure several components of the body such as: BMI, fat percentage, muscular action, the percentage of water in the body and metabolism base. Body Analyzer is an excellent test to track and analyze the changes that occur in these components and that are very important for the health of every individual.
Why should this test be done? Given these data each person can easily set goals and achieve them. Also through these data we can see if we are predisposed to cardiac disease or to become obese.

Fitness in Groups


Workout with exercises for legs, hips and abdominal. These exercises are specified for these areas and have a tonifying effect. Tools such as step, small weights, etc.. are used in this exercise.


This exercise is done in a circuit form and makes all the body muscles work out. This is done with different weights for different parts of the body. The exercise is done in rotating order and with a fixed duration for cardiovascular and toning exercises at the same time.


This exercise is performed with high intensity and with different weights for each body part. In this exercise all the body muscles work out. The result of this exercise is the creation of muscular strength and the toning of the entire body.


Athletics at the park is a discipline that serves to burn calories and losing weight, but the important thing is that it destroys metabolic diseases.


Powering exercise for all the muscles of the body. This intense and rhythmic exercise is associated with music and includes the cardiovascular aspect, physical endurance and muscle toning for the entire body.


Different strokes in the bag through music. Choreography created by collisions that occur in the bag. It is a toning discipline is for all the muscle groups of the body. It is very funny but at the same time it frees you from negative charges. With this exercise you spend many calories (approximately 600 to 700 kcal for a session).


Abdominal is an activity that takes place in group. It is composed of exercises involving the abdominal area. Exercises are performed with high intensity and within certain timing. The large number of movements enables the burning of fat in this area that is always problematic and it also makes possible the modeling of this area.


Spinning is a form of exercise organized in group using a stationary bike with a flywheel 30 kg. Spinning mainly focuses on muscle toning of the bottom limb of the body as the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf, hips and Lower back. These programs are realized using stamina, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery.


It is a fun, chorographical exercise with high aerobic intensity and at the same time very functional. This exercise helps with burning fat and toning the lower body parts (legs, gluteus).


Dynamic exercise on the step which helps in calorie consumption, reducing fat mass and efficiency in the circulatory apparatus and muscle toning.


Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle that combines fitness with pleasure and culture in a fantastic dance and fitness experience at once. Zumba ® classes are "fitness-parties" which disband contemporary musical rhythms with simple choreography to be followed. Purpose: Total Engraving every muscle in the body with a discipline that makes you feel like you are on a holiday.


Precision exercises that make the entire body work by focusing every movement on breathing, posture, concentration and balance. By doing these exercises we create a muscular resistance and a toned body.


Yoga is a form of exercise that uses slow movements and stretching. It is good for increasing flexibility and balance. It is also good for relieving stress and relaxing. Yoga has been used as a meditation technique for thousands of years. As you exercise, you meditate on what your body is feeling and try to be "one with the universe."

Celesi TGS


The TGS key is used only in Technogym equipment. These equipment besides the place that they have specially for TGS they also have a monitor which measures the movement of the arch and thus the muscle works all the time without interruption and not damaged by movement joints.
After the Cardio Test, Test of Strength, and Body Analyzer are performed the instructor based on these tests and the objective of the client, he creates a personalized program and uploads it to the TGS key.
The TGS key keeps customer data, personalized program, calorie consumption, manner of execution of the exercise, the muscles working, total distance, but above all the key TGS announces the moment that the client should redo tests which should be done once a month. The client faces the test and checks if there is progress from month to month based on the comparison of the tests.
So besides the active instructor who is in the Fitness Area we also have a passive instructor who follows the client step-by-step.