Fitness Area

The Fitness Zone is divided into several parts: cardio area, force area , stretching area and fitness in group . In our center we work according the Technogym method. Each equipment in this area is the latest technology by Technogym . Our fitness Client Goal-Oriented method starts by completion of the fitness tests in different areas. Tests made in this area are Cardio Test and Strength Test. Based on these tests the program according to client objectives is built.

The personalized program is uploaded on the TGS key which is something new for our client because it not only monitors but it also keeps in the program the calorie consumption , the tests performed makes and whether the session is fully completed or not.

The program lasts about 3-4 weeks then the retesting is done where the client sees the results of last month and compares them to the new data.

Part of the area Fitness programs are the group activities which are divided into three classifications : Toning , Choreographic and Stretching.