Fitness Tests

The Cardio Test

The Cardio test consists of measuring VO2 max which is the maximum volume of O2 that the body consumes during the execution of performance.
Why should this test be done? By calculating VO2 max we measure FC max (Maximum Cardiac Frequency) and through these parameters it is possible to implement a training program as appropriate and effective for each client.

The Test of Strength

This test consists in measuring the maximum force, which is calculated by a formula. The test is done in the 3 big muscle groups in muscular system of the human body. These are the breasts, back and legs. After we perform the force test the system automatically calculates the other muscles that we have not tested. This is done thanks to the scientific incentives that Technogym has developed and continues to develop in a laboratory set up deliberately for these things.

Why should this test be done? It is very important to do a strength program because according to customer preferences the weights are calculated for each device in which the customer will exercise. This is made possible through My Wellness computer system by Technogym.

Body Analyzer

Body Analyzer serves to measure several components of the body such as: BMI, fat percentage, muscular action, the percentage of water in the body and metabolism base. Body Analyzer is an excellent test to track and analyze the changes that occur in these components and that are very important for the health of every individual.
Why should this test be done? Given these data each person can easily set goals and achieve them. Also through these data we can see if we are predisposed to cardiac disease or to become obese.