The wellness traverse is a new dimension for wellness where the heat, steams, aromas and colors stop the time and thoughts favoring a total relax. A health oasis, a place where people meet to pay attention to their body and spirit.

Chromo therapy

People have always been relying on different colors with their specific effects. Like the relaxing power of the blue, the stimulating and exiting effect of the red, or the joy of the yellow and in the end the equilibrating power of the green, a color associated with the nature. All these colors are found inside the traverse, diving in a pure relaxing environment.


The perfume directly reaches the right hemisphere of the brain, a part which is related to the emotions, and where it is fixed to give us a strong feeling of wellness.

The Finnish Sauna

The sauna rite, thanks to its healthy attributes, stimulates the equilibrating of the psycho-physical conditions, regulating all the physiological conditions. A regular practice of the sauna allows the organism to regenerate and tone; prevents seasonal flus; improves blood circulation; normalizes arterial tension; relaxes, helps in the detoxification, favors the organism and skin cleansing, reduces the anxiety and discharges the neural tension. It also stimulates a cardio vascular intensive massage.

The Hydro Massage - Jacuzzi

There are three elements interfering: heat, lack of gravity and the massage. Their combined action leaves room to a relaxing and psycho-physical wellness feeling. The diving into the warm water increases the body temperature and the blood vessels are swollen favoring in this way the circulation. Not only this, but in the water the body weight decreases by nearly 90 %, removing the pressure from the articulations and muscles. The massaging action is done by the warm water and air sources that calm the tense muscles and stimulate the endorphin issue, which our body naturally produces.

The Turkish Bath

It is a steam bath, and for its toning and relaxing effects it is one of the best therapies to fight daily tension and stress, improving the physical appearance and favoring the organism efficiency. Above all, this is an action in charge of the cardio vascular system. The pores swelling provoked by the heat, facilitates the passing of the steam and makes possible that the epidermis gains brightness, elasticity and smoothness, and by equilibrating the PH, the skin hydrating and cleansing.

The Ice Shower

A real iced rain to stimulate the circulation and to tone after the heat of the sauna.

Salt Relax

The dry nebulized salt particles in the salt room in the ideal dimensions to reach all the sections in the respiratory ways.

The Kneipp Traverse

When we come to the gym, we don’t immediately start running on the carpet, but we walk forward so we warm up. The Kneipp Traverse has the same characteristic, before we start our circulation within the SPA, we walk inside these baths which contain warm water altered in the cold so that the blood circulation is awaken, preparing us to afford all the other types of baths.